Healthy Hair Tip. ft The Wooden Comb

Ditching Plastic Brushing our hair is apart of our daily routine and is essential in order to maintain your mane.  However, did you know that the type of hairbrush/comb you use effects your overall hair health? The most common type of hairbrush used is a plastic brush or comb. These may be great if what you are looking for is accessibility or affordability however, plastic is not so great for your overall hair  health and growth. Here, plastic brushes are rough on the hair making it more likely for the hair to rip or break. Additionally, plastic hairbrushes cause static which promotes frizz and leads to further damage and breakage. So what is the better alternative? We bring you the healthy hair tip of the week, featuring the Wooden Comb. Using wooden brushes/ combs will be your hairs new best friend! Not only does the wooden comb prevent static and furthermore reduce damage and hair fall, the wooden comb in fact encourages hair growth. To do this the wooden comb will distribute the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair which is great for promoting hair growth. Additionally,  the wooden comb is gentle on your hair and scalp and will even help in reducing dandruff. Last but not least, wooden hair brushes are environmentally friendly. It is time to ditch the plastic brushes and switch over to something wooden, save both your hair and the environment at the same time. 

Where should you purchase your wooden brush/comb? One of my new favourite hair care brands Kus Culture is also an Australian owned business and sells amazing high quality and affordable wooden combs and brushes. Even better, they have a whole range of hair care products which will facilitate your hair health and hair health journey. Check them out below!